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Guess what Granite Peak is doing new this season… they have been so kind as to to restrict snowboarders from 6 of their runs. Now before you say “well, that’s only 6 and they do have 74” it gets better. Because of how the place is laid out, some of those six runs are the only access to a few others. So that bumps the number up to a cool 13 runs that snowboarders won’t be able to access at Granite Peak (located in Wausau, WI)

The only place on the Granite Peak web site that these changes have been communicated is on 2 of the 3 trail maps. So they’re not really giving a heads up to any snowboarder looking to buy a season pass. Even though snowboarders are going to have limited access around the mountain the cost of their lift tickets remains the same. Transworld Business had an article on this and they had a statement from Granite Peak that tried to justify why they were making these changes:

“This year’s change is an effort to provide a better balance for all of our customers. We have responded aggressively to the requests of snowboarders to expand terrain features over the past few years and have continuously upgraded and improved the features. Our snowboarder customers are important to us and we will continue to improve and enhance our terrain parks. This change is an experiment for this season and will be evaluated at the end of the season based on feedback from customers. This is the same process we have taken with our terrain parks which has resulted in changing locations and other modifications of terrain parks over the years.”

Yeah, K, Great… that maybe would be a little more understandable if a terrain park and their features were only used by snowboarders, as many comments from the article went on to point out. There should be no segregation between skiing and snowboarding. If you ask me the problem lies in generation differences, not what’s strapped to your feet differences. Old people need to accept that young people are on the hill progressing a sport, and at the same time young people need to respect that older people have a completely different riding style but they paid to be on the mountain too. (Sorry, I’m not trying to create any stereotypes here, just giving an example) Can’t we all just get along?

But as far as Granite Peak goes Louis Bailoni has made some great points:

  1. Granite Peak is not a country club, it is open to the public. And it is on State Park property so to restrict mountain access purely based on whether you choose to ski or snowboard is discriminatory.
  2. The rules of skiing and snowboarding conduct and behavior are clearly identified in the relevant national and state associations and do not discriminate between equipment type, only behavior on the runs.
  3. Many Families, like my own or groups of friends, are comprised of both skiers and snowboarders and this new policy restricts their options to enjoy the mountain together as a group.
  4. What’s Next? Restrict access to the Disabled? Telemark skiers? Children below a certain age? Adults above a certain age? I.Q. level?

There has been an outcry for a boycott of Granite Peak this season. So if you accidentally already bought season passes see if you can return them. Also be sure to let Granite Peak know your opinion either by leaving a message by going to their website or by giving them a call 715-845-2846. This is a hard step backwards in the progression of snowsports all together. Thanks a lot Granite Peak.

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