Salomon Burner Review


2011 Salomon Burner Snowboard

Salomon Snowboards, Snowboard Boots and BindingsThis is the Salomon Burner, and you can burn through it with this board. This Salomon snowboard is for that guy who likes to turn, who likes to stay in the deep stuff. You can burn through it all with this snowboard. It feels good, it’s lightweight, it’s poppy, and it’s very fast. The flex rating is a 5. It has a tapered directional shape. The tail’s going to be a little bit more narrow than the nose. The nose will keep you afloat in the deep stuff. The stance is set back slightly and it does have a cambered profile.

Salomon uses a rubber rails in the sidewalls on this board to dampen all the vibrations and the negative feelings that you’ll have going through all that crazy powder and chowder that you will ride with this board. The Ghost Light Core is pretty great. They have milled out parts of the core and put in an iso-core foam that of course replaces the wood and keeps it a little bit lighter. The glass is a triax fiberglass that runs in three different directions at 90 degrees, at 45 degrees, and -45 degrees.It also has Salomon Ghost tech technology inside. There is XYZ carbon stringers that run pretty much from tip to tail, in different sections of the board. In the nose and in the tail they’re going to be closer to the rail giving it a stronger feeling, and in between the bindings the carbon stringers actually run farther away from the rail to give it a little bit softer flex towards the edge. The 4000 EG sintered base is going to stay fast if you wax it. And the board does have a fine stone grind on it. You won’t have to bring this board into the shop and get it stone ground before you go ride down Mt. Everest. The edges have a full edge bevel from pretty much effective edge from nose to tail. This is the Salomon Burner snowboard for that all mountain rider that likes to go fast on the steep stuff and do a lot of turning. Lightweight, fast, poppy, and of course this thing’s going to feel great.


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