2011 Salomon Arcade Snowboard Binding

Salomon Snowboards, Snowboard Boots and BindingsWith this Salomon snowboard binding and you can play games all day long with this amazing binding. It has a flex rating of a “3.” The composite 30% Slasher base plate is pretty unique because the chassis and the heel cup are actually combined together. Even though you can’t adjust the heel cup back and forth, you can adjust the toe ramp both forward and backward. If your boots get bigger because your feet are getting bigger, you won’t have to worry about getting new snowboard bindings because that toe ramp.

Salomon added EVA padding that is going to absorb a lot of the impact, and the heel lock is going to keep your boots tucked inside the heel cup. That’s right, there are little ridges that help keep your boot inside the heel cup, causing for no lift. The lightweight Flyback high back is pretty unique because of all the air spots. That’s right, this is a minimalist design with a tool-less adjustment for a forward lean. With a couple of clicks and a little pull of the knob, you can make them adjust in a snap. Do you ride forward lean? I do, and it really helps. You can also rotate these high backs to become adjustable and more parallel with your heel side edge.

The 3D Prime cored out ankle strap is lightweight. Salomon removed material from the center, keeping two spines to keep it nice and stiff and responsive. It is 3D molded. It’s a little bit more narrow in the center, but wider on the sides for more lateral and medial support.

The True-Grip Fast-Fit toe strap is pretty unique because guess what? You can loosen it, but it doesn’t actually come undone. It’s for the rider that likes riding at night and can’t find ways to put things in holes. The micro adjusters on both the ankle strap and toe strap can center them down the center of your boots if you’d like. And the wonderful ladder guards will keep your ladders from freezing up. The aluminum Viper buckles are quick to get into and easy to get out of. That’s right, this is an hot looking binding, awesome color – the Salomon Arcade. Go play some slash in your face game with this thing. It’ll be good…great for photo shoots!


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