2011 Salomon Answer

alomon Snowboards, Snowboard Boots and BindingsThis Salomon Snowboard is a all-access pass to wherever you want to go on the mountain. It’s going to be lightweight, poppy, fast and it’s going to feel good as well. The flex rating is a 3 so it’s gonna be a little bit soft of a board, so if you like riding pow this is gonna be a great one. If you like cruising corduroy and just enjoying the ride like a Cadillac, this is gonna be the one. The directional twin shape keeps the nose and tail the exact same, but the stance is going to be slightly set back closer to the tail.


The wing tips profile is flat close to the nose and tail, and in between those sections is actually regular camber. The rails and sidewalls are pretty unique because they go aluminum, bamboo and then rubber all the way from the affected edge, from the nose to the tail. The rubber dampening system is going to absorb the negative vibrations that this board creates going through choppy terrain. You can see the aspen wood core and it has a Popster core profile. The aspen wood of course, runs tip to tail. The glass is a low density Biax fiberglass that runs in two different directions: at zero degrees and 90 degrees and there is also 40% bamboo, which reduces the needed amount of Biax fiberglass that Salomon uses in this board.

There is a 4000 Sintered base which is going to be very fast and low maintenance for the most part if you keep it waxed up. It’s gonna be fast as hell, that’s all I’m saying. It also has a fine stone grind on it right out of the factory. Salomon has decided to keep these bases nice and flat, not in the meaning of a profile shape, but they keep it a nice, consistent smoothness, so you don’t have to stone grind your board right out of the bag like with some other companies.

The edges are beveled as well. It’s about a 1 degree bevel on the edge, so you’re not going to catch up on any rails or anything of that sort. I don’t know if you will be riding this board on rails, but it does have beveled edge. The overall construction great. If I were to cut the board in half and you looked at it like a sandwich you’d see the bamboo veneer top sheet, the 25% less fiberglass, then of course the aspen wood core, another layer of bamboo veneer, and then another layer of 25% less fiberglass, and lastly of course, the sintered base on the bottom.


Again, this is the Salomon Answer…a lot of cool technology in the rails and the sandwich construction with the bamboo. It feels good, it’s lightweight, poppy, fast, bamboo…Answer!


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