Rome Madison Womens Bindings Review

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2011 Rome Madison Womens Bindings

Today we are looking at the Rome Madison binding. New this year on the Madison is our V-rod base plate for when you rock this pony away, you’re rocking these contact points so that the board flexes truer underneath. You’ve got the extra EVA as well as our sub-base padding, that’s gonna allow for that. We’re also giving you a full tray of EVA, but you can pop it out and it’ll be nice and light, with a lot of weight savings in the binding.

It’s also coupled with our short-fiber nylon of the baseplate, as well as our under wrap. So we’re actually wrapping the heel hoop around the base of the binding, giving you tons of torsional power for you ladies. You’re definitely going to appreciate that when you put this bad boy on snow. We’ve given it our Conformist toe strap with quick adjust. You can quickly adjust it over your toe; ride it on forward or on traditional. We’re also doing our auto strap on the ankle, so it holds your strap away; as well at the top with the anatomically correct highback that’s lower on one side for your calf muscle, allowing you to still have a nice, high highback to get that energy transfer there as well.  Get the Rome Madison binding.


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