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Rome Snowboards has several different models of their Camber Technology. Each of their boards are designed to have a specific function, depending on the style of riding a person will be doing. The main style of board that Rome has to offer is the positive camber. These types of boards are the most effective with turning.

Rome sells three different versions of the 1985 Reverse Camber style of board. The one that is designed to be used in powder is the Reverse Mountain Camber line. These types of boards have a very high curve in the tip and tail, which provide the rider with more control. These ends also come into play with edge control and turning. The second in this line is the Reverse Free Camber. This was created to be the most multipurpose. This board has a section of straight camber near the tip of the board that allows the rider to get control as well as more edge pressure. The last of the Reverse Camber Line is the Reverse Jib Camber. This board has a loose feel to it due to the flat camber in between the feet, with slight reverse camber at both edges. Also, this style of board gives an amazing platform when either on the snow or on a rail.

Rome Snowboarding has two other types of boards in their Camber line. On the Powder S Camber the front of the board has a high level of reverse camber, this is used to lift the board and help it float along the top of the powder. More towards the tail, it has a regular positive camber design, and this will help when the rider is finishing a turn. The objective for this specific line is for a lot of flotation in the deep power with powerful turns.

Their new hybrid camber is the best of both worlds. When there is no weight on the board it looks like it has just a regular camber. When there is weight applied the tip and tail will curl up giving it a reverse camber. This allows the board to be looser and the design will give the rider a lot of power through it.


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