Rome Anthem Review

Rome Anthem Snowboard – 2011

Rome SDS—Snowboard Design Syndicate if you didn’t know.  Today we are  here with the Anthem, one of our Heritage boards that came out year one, updated obviously for 2011. Directional shape with our hybrid camber line, so positive camber just about outside your contact point, than it rocks up.

Lucas Debari on the Rome Anthem SS

When you initiate this camber, it rocks your contact points up, making it pissed to off—pissed power. Giving you the sintered speed here as well as our Air Pop Core, so low density wood lightens it up as well as bamboo stringers torqued out on edge. It gives you that extra torsional snap. We’re also giving you here a Kevlar Impact Plate underneath your binding insert or around your inserts underneath your binding.

Rome Snowboards Impact Plates

So giving you that extra power transferred through your pressure pop, your Kevlar pressure pop that’s going to take that energy out to the edges as well as give you extra pop. Also, power bars underneath that Kevlar—carbon ones that are giving you extra snap as well. So that sintered speed. We’ve got that Air Pop Core, that Triax 45 glass on a directional board, all mountain may hem. Destroy the mountain.

Rome Snowboards Power Bars


Rome Snowboards


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