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The Ride Phenom Binding is a contraband binding. If you guys don’t know what a contraband binding this is it. it only has one strap. That’s all you need. It’s for the great, great urban snowboarders of the world and for the novice snowboards of the world who don’t like to strap in both bindings. If you’re the kind of guy or girl that likes to be on the top of the hill strapped in first before your buddies this is the binding to have. High back is fully adjustable without any tools, has a forward lean adjustment, you can do it like that literally in a snap. Again we have the ultra light ratchets work well, work wonders. One figner roller reset thing, it’s great. We also have a wedgie-foot bed cant system. The wedgie-foot bed cant system actually aligns ankles and your knees together to become a little bit more comfortable. So this where you get better by buying these bindings. These are the Phenom Bindings, contraband snowboard bindings, one strap, chassis system and again you know I’ve tried so hard to flex these things. It doesn’t work. You can’t bend these. I think like 1 in 175,000 ride bindings go back because the base plate bends.

You won’t break it.


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