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2012 Ride Lx Snowboard Binding

Ride Snowboards, Snowboard Boots, Bindings, Jackets, Pants, Hoodies, Bags, Backpacks, Men's, Women's, Kid's, YouthThis, ladies and gentlemen, is a very durable and comfortable binding. It’s called the Ride LX. This chassis is made out of 100% aircraft grade aluminum that has a very versatile feel and medium flex. The EVA footbed is going to absorb a lot of impact when you riding on those crazy, crazy terrains that you ride. The highback is going to have a lot of medial and lateral flex. It’s called the comfort highback. It has a nice thumb hole when you’re hiking the pipe or hiking the stairs.

The balanced ankle strap is 3D molded and has EVA padding as well. The toe strap is a ThinGrip toe strap that gives you a nice snug fit. Depending whether you want to Ride with it on top of your toes or in front of your toes like most people do nowadays. The Quick-Draw ratchets ratchet fast and release very quickly. The disks are responsive to three or four hole pattern disks that go inside it. one reason the  binding are great is because of all the tool-less adjustments. You will have to use a Phillips screwdriver to move the heel cup back and forth, but the highback can be adjusted with no tools; and the ankle strap and toe strap can also be adjusted with no tools. So if you want to center your ankle and toe straps on your boot, you can definitely do that. This is the Ride LX binding. It’s a perfect blend of comfort and durability, and it comes in cool colors.



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