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2012 Ride Jackson BOA Coiler Snowboard Boots

Ride Snowboards, Snowboard Boots, Bindings, Jackets, Pants, Hoodies, Bags, Backpacks, Men's, Women's, Kid's, YouthThis is the Ride Jackson BOA Coiler system. This is a high-performance luxury boot for you. The flex rating is a “7.” It’s gonna be a little bit stiffer of a boot. It has an integrated liner that’s actually molded inside of the shell to reduce the amount of weight and materials for the liner. The centered tongue is going to stay in the center because of the internal lock down liner lace system. All you have to do to tighten it is push down on the lock, lock it, and there’s actually a clip that clicks onto that tongue so it stays centered. There’s also internal “J” bars and external “J” bars on the liners. You can see those padded foam support systems right on the side of the boot (and on the inside). It’s plush. When they call it a luxury boot, it feels like luxury. This is like a little blanket. It’s going to feel great on your feet all season long.

There is quite a bit of support in the liner. There is quite a bit of support in the shell as well. Ride uses a 3D formed EVA dual density footbed is going to last you well over two seasons. It also has anti-microbial coating so the foot beds aren’t going to start smelling bad either. The outsole is great. It is the Blown Light Meta out sole. This thing is made of 100% nylon, and there are rubber ice picks in this as well, so you won’t be able to slip around very easy with these on. It is actually a very, very light boot.

The shell has the Boa Coiler system. It’s just one Boa; you click it down, turn it clockwise to tighten it, and all the sudden your boots have a nice snug fit. Now, some companies do not put the closer system on the boot. That is a system that will keep the laces and the tongue dead center on your foot and on the boot. Again, this is the Ride Jackson Boa Coiler boot… Flex rating of a “7.” It’s for that all mountain rider who wants a lot of luxury. It’s like the Town Car of Boots.


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