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The Ride Contraband bindings are the future of bindings. Their unique design provides a superior fit and amazing flexibility and control. Several innovative features provide improved fit, prevent boot rotation, make for quick ins and outs, and provide an exceptional adrenaline filled ride. The Ride Contrabands are lightweight and incredibly responsive yet durable and tough enough for any type of boarding. The biggest difference between the Ride Contraband and other bindings is the high-grade plastic v-strap that fits over the toe of the boot and the new lightweight chassis.

The v-strap was designed based on the principle that the foot will stay in place if you strap down the big toe and the instep. The v-strap is made to fit tightly over the center of the boot and is connected to the single ratchet ankle strap. When you tension the ankle strap ratchet it also tensions the v-strap. These bindings aren’t made to just strap you to the board. They are sensitive and responsive enough transmit your movements and power to the deck.

After custom adjusting the bindings to fit your boots, you get a stable feel without losing the flexibility needed for your best moves. With this binding a rider can have a tight reliable fit without crushing the foot. Side-rails and a 3-D molded leather ankle strap that adjusts to your boot contours prevent slippage and boot rotation. The adjustable heel cup, boot width, ankle strap, and toe v-strap allow you to customize the fit to perfectly hold your boots.

The base is made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy which gives a strong rigid base while also being very lightweight, durable, and adaptable. The base has plenty of padding for all-terrain and free style boarding. The single arm ratchet system is durable metal for colder conditions. The FlexLite highback is slightly angled for a natural feel with a cored-out high flatback shape that allows softer heelside and side-to-side flexing. The single UltraLite Quick-draw ratchet system allows quick and simple one touch ins and outs.

In addition to all these features, another thing that really stands out about the Ride Contraband bindings is the ability to customize the fit with a few simple turns of a screwdriver. The binding is designed to fit three different boot sizes so the first adjustment is to the heel cup allowing for equal heel and toe drag. Second step is a simple width adjustment so the side-rail and side-strap hold the boot firmly in place with no gap. Next step is to center the ankle strap over front of the boot. The v-strap can then be centered over the toe of the boot by adjusting the ratchet system. The final adjustment allows you to shorten or lengthen the v-strap over the toe based on boot size.

A little trial and error with this custom fit system will give you a perfect fit and feel like nothing you’ve ever used before. The unique features of the Ride Contraband bindings that allow an amazingly custom fit will give you a ride like you’ve never experienced. The combination of stability and flexibility allows amazing control while faithfully translating your movement and energy as you ride. If you’re looking for lightweight, responsive bindings, with a great natural feel and custom fit, you can’t beat the Ride Contraband bindings.


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