Technine T-money snowboard. Dave here at The House talking about one of the sicker Technine snowboards we got in the shop. One to ten scale for flexing for this bad boy, you are looking at about a 5. It’s got a lot of Technine going into it. First off, got the Rasta topsheet, that’ll make sure it’s sold pretty much by Thanksgiving. Other than that, on the core, you got high-end wood mixed with honeycomb. That makes it, like I said, very lightweight. It’s definitely going to be a very poppy snowboard. This one versus a team series, this one’s probably going to be a little better at high-speed cruising or larger tabletops, pipes, stuff like that. Just really versatile, directional twin-shape foam. You can ride it twin-dial with a little more powerful tail or you can set it back a little bit if you’re going through some uneven terrain or some good stuff.

From there, sidewall construction. Basically going to be saying that for these other videos, but durable, holds an edge good on hard-packed terrain and holds up to more rail damage, which is important to the Technine guys.

Di-cut base. Definitely gonna be a nicer base than this one. It’s a higher grade extruded, so you don’t have wax it quite as much, but it’s definitely gonna be faster than the base line extruded bases. The Technine stuff pretty much sells itself, this snowboard is no exception. Super high-end, gonna kill it all freestyle going out on this snowboard. Technine T-Money snowboard.



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