Review: Stepchild Latchkey Ripper Snowboard

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Dave here talking about the Stepchild Latchkey Ripper snowboard. Basically, you’ve got a nice price point, affordable twin-tip snowboard. It’s going to crush on the rail. It’s crushing in the park. Really good entry-level to intermediate, all-mountain as well too.
What you’re looking at, it’s got sidewall construction tried and true, really durable, holds them up super good, glassy top so you won’t have snow stick to it. Base is extruded you don’t have to wax it as much. It’s going to be easy to repair if something goes wrong with it, like a knick from a rail or a rock.
Other than that, softer flex on this one, one being soft, ten being stiff, it’s probably about like a 3 or 3.5 or so. It’s really good for the rail box, guys, once again, but also for a beginner ride. True twin shape, I already mentioned. I mean, just a really simple, no frills snowboard, that’s made really well, durable, and is versatile for a lot of riders, with a sick old school, skater throwback graphic.
Can’t really go wrong there, Austrian made, super good durability, rider and company. Stepchild Latchkey Ripper snowboard…Bam, bam, bam.



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