Review: Salomon Sanchez Magnum Snowboard

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Salomon Sanchez Magnum snowboard is one of their highest snowboards. True twin tip madness on this one. Softer flex for pressing rails and boxes, flat ground, funny farm – all that kind of stuff. Graphical layup is pretty sweet on this one. Complete with see through windows to the core along with bright colors and skulls; everything really hot in snowboarding right now.

From there we have bright yellow sidewalls which is going to be really durable to protect the innards. As well as giving your really good grip in icy hardpack terrain and defiantly absorb a lot of damage coming in from rails; kinks and stuff like that. Salomon also puts rubber into the sidewalls of the snowboard right under the snowboard binding positions that act as suspensions as well as allowing it to lock onto the rails in that position. It just makes it a little smoother riding – for sure.

From there we have a really to care for extruded base. Good clarity on this one with solid pop to the graphics. Super easy to maintain base that does not need frequent waxing as well as easy to repair when it does get gouged.

Super awesome snowboard with a hot graphic. One that always crushes it for us. Guaranteed not to be on the shelf for long so if you like what you see jump on it…Salomon Sanchez Magnum snowboard.



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