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Dave, here at the house, talking about my favorite snowboard in the Rossignol line. What you’re looking at here is the Rossignol JDub Mag snowboard. It was originally John Jackson’s snowboard. But when he left the company they decided to keep it because it was one of their best riding, all-terrain, freestyle snowboards.

What you’re looking at here is definitely a high-end, all-terrain, all-mountain, freestyle snowboard. It definitely is going to be a little bit more supportive with its flex. So, maybe, not so much rails and boxes, but jumps, pipe, back country cheese wedges, high speed anywhere on the mountain is the name of the game here. For that reason I kind of reserve it for the intermediate to advanced guys.

The flex on this one, you’re probably looking at a six out of ten. So definitely more supportive than your typical rail and box snowboards. This one does have the Magne-Traction which is licensed legitimately from the Mervin guys. If you haven’t heard about Magne-Traction you’ve been in a cave, but that’s okay. Basically, what you’re looking at is, like, you’re throwing down train tracks in front of you as you’re going down the hill. Really good edge grip; more so than a traditional snowboard would have because it has seven points of contact along the edge. Rossignol takes it one step further and puts it around the nose and tail too, which is kind of a cool cosmetic feature.

Full wrapping metal edge, a high-end wood core, very light, very lively and very poppy snowboard. Sintered base on this one. Really bright, die-cut. Crisp graphic on this one. Directional twin. This one you can definitely rock either way, whether it be twinned-out or directional. So, say you’re going through the park, you twin it out. Go to the top of the mountain, you want to head up a cliff, do some spinning off of it, you can rock a little bit more directional so it’s a little bit smoother on the roll-out. I can’t say enough good things about this snowboard. I’ve ridden a couple of different models of this snowboard. I absolutely love it to death. It’s here to stay, it sounds like. Rossignol JDub Mag snowboard.



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