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The 2011 Ride Antic is a rocket ship disguised as a beach cruiser. By design, it’s great for buttering around and Euro carving, but if you dare let its inner beast out you’ll be launching off the biggest kickers in the park and slashing monster lines out of bounds before you know what hit you.


The Antic is a directional snowboard with a ¾ inch set back stance. Having a directional shape helps make the board extra stable when turning at high speeds and maximizes the Ride’s LowPro™ reverse camber. LowPro™ is a combination of LowRize™ rocker in the nose and ProRize™ rocker in the tail. In between the two rockered sections is a flat zone to ensure stability. LowPro™ is a great design for all-around riding because while the nose is soft and easy to press the tail retains plenty of pop, so no matter what the terrain is like you’ll have the tools necessary to have fun. On a similar note, the extra rocker in the nose makes planing to the surface of deep powder an easy task. One more aspect of the Antic’s shape that’s worth mentioning is sidecut:  it’s DEEP. A nice deep sidecut equals turn-on-a-dime capabilities and quick edge-to-edge transitions. When you’re weaving from rail to kicker and back while lapping the park a tight turning radius is going to come in handy.


Slimewalls™, a Ride Snowboards original, is the damping system built into the Antic. In Slimewalls™ Urethane takes the place of traditional hard plastic sidewalls to reduce chatter and ease the impact of landings. Durability is the secondary benefit of Slimewalls™. Since the material is meant to absorb impact rather than fight against it, the chance of breaking them is slim to none.

In the weight reduction department the Antic has Thin Con:  a gradual tapering of board material towards the tip and tail. Less material in those areas makes for easier spinning and a lower total board weight.

To maximize responsiveness, the Antic has Carbon fibers that run through the binding areas from edge to edge. Carbon Array 3™ (Ride has Carbon Array 3 – 7 in its snowboard line) is a simple but effective way to ensure every ounce of effort you put into a turn gets translated into reaction from the snowboard.


  • The 2011 Ride Antic is equipped to handle everything from park to powder. If you want to ride one snowboard on everything, this is a stick you can count on.
  • LowPro™: pressability and float in the front, pop and quick turn initiation in the back, stability in the middle.
  • Slimewalls™ will give your knees a little break, smooth out rough rides at speed, and last for the whole season.
  • If you’re into speed and versatility, the 2011 Ride Antic might be your new best friend.

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  1. Burpo January 3, 2011 at 1:04 pm - Reply

    It’s just as the above says. Super stable at speed, reduced catch in the nose, great carving, stable landings from air.
    Riding switch feels slightly odd, but since it’s a directional board, it’s to be expected to a certain extent.

    All in all, a great board for the progressing intermediate rider.

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