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Dave here at the house, talking about the Head Tribute snowboard.

This one is one of their intelligence snowboards. It’s definitely, the highest end tech we’ve got in the shop. We’re looking at a snowboard with little circuit snowboards with microchips under the snowboard binding positions. From those are going to spread out intellifibers which are basically mixed in with the fiberglass of the snowboard. What it does, hundreds a times a second, is monitor the flex and the chatter of the snowboard. The faster you go, obviously, the more chatter you are going to get from icy, hard-packed or uneven terrain. When the snowboard picks up more chatter it, it sends pulses through the intellifibers, stiffening up the snowboard. Really making them extremely versatile. Being able to cope with different conditions.

The Tribute is the twin-tip model that they put the Intelligence onto. It has symmetrical shape, nose and tail flex, side cut, stance, everything is centered up on this snowboard. So this is going to be a really, really good snowboard for a person who wants a softer snowboard for rails, boxes, flat ground, funny farms, jibs, things of that nature. But, then wants the same snowboard to do larger jumps and go through the half-pipe. Flex on this one, because of the Intelligence system, is going to range from somewhere, around a 3, but can change up to a 6. Bringing it into higher speeds, all mountain, park, bigger jump terrain.

From there, it has a full tip to tail wood core. Definitely going to be really lively, very poppy, and give you a good consistent flex. Very lightweight construction. It does have sidewall to it, which is nice. Really durable, going to hold up to rails a little better and it’s going to give you better grip on icy, hard-packed stuff. It has a sintruded 4000 base. You have the best of both worlds. You don’t have to wax it quite as much as a sintered, but it will be faster than an extruded. Kind of right in the middle of the road for bases. From there it has sublimated and die cut graphics to the base. Definitely has some pop going onto it. Good clean graphic.

Head boards definitely have a lot more tech than any other stuff we have in the shop. They’re made incredibly well. They’re always really good sellers for us. Head Tribute snowboard, great one to check out.



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