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Dave in the house here observing a broken moment of silence for the ever-awesomeness that is Bob Ross. Happy snowboarding, happy trees, happy rivers, happy snowboard. It’s an awsome snowboard here from Forum. You’re looking at the Forum Scheme Snowboard. It’s got Bob Ross’ original artwork on it, which is definitely gonna be one of the main selling points for this fantastic snowboard here.
You got a directional snowboard, a little bit longer nose and tail, not by much, as with any Forum Directional so you’ll definitely be able to rock this still twinned out. Really, really good all-terrain versatility on this high-end snowboard from Forum. You can roll through the park with it, but you can definitely take it to the back country, too. It’s a really, really, multi-purpose snowboard. The base graphic was actually done by Bob Ross’ son, so we’re keeping it in the family. It’s definitely endoresed by the Bob Ross Foundation, and proceeds go to him as well, too. So if you’re a fan of his, like we all are, this is a good way to get some money going to him, or the foundation, that is.
The flex in this one is middle of the road, definitely high-end, kill it all freestyle. It’s about a five out of ten; you can still walk through the park, but it can definitely handle some gnarly roll outs or bomb fields, after you just loop that cheese-wedge jump in the back country.
You got a formula base, it’s gonna be a sitter base, very fast, takes a lot of wax, gets faster throughout the life of it. There’s light triax running through this, and definitely glass is going to give it some more support, but it’s a light triax so it’s going to keep the weight down. It’s a very lively, very poppy, super-fun snowboard to ride. These will not be lasting through Christmas, so if you want one, get it done, son.
Forum Scheme snowboard!




  1. Chris December 5, 2016 at 9:59 am - Reply

    Where can I buy the Bob Ross Snowboard?

    • gufrocks
      gufrocks March 2, 2017 at 6:40 pm - Reply

      Maybe on Ebay or Craigslist.

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