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Oh, I swear I was looking at her eyes. What we’ve got here is the Forum Dreamboat snowboard. Basically you’re rocking their new chili dog tech on this new snowboard, Forum. You’ve got one nice smooth elliptical curve from tail to nose on this one, or nose to tail if you go like this. Directional setup on this one; slightly longer nose and tail, so it’s going to give you really good float in the good stuff. It’s going to power through uneven terrain really, really well.

From there, you’ve got a 4 x 2 insert pattern on this one and really good micro-stance adjustment. It’s definitely going to be a good snowboard for somebody that’s cruising around, pretty much, everywhere in the resort. It’s definitely nice for those guys riding out west looking for a more directional, more all-mountain free ride associated snowboard. It definitely can handle the freestyle terrain still too. It’s got a light triax glass weave on it. Definitely it’s a little more supportive than the base model biax. Forum uses the light triax though, so it’s definitely a little bit lighter than some of the other high end snowboards around.

From there, tried and true side wall construction. We’ve got some meatiness rolling through the center. It gets really low pro in the nose and the tail, which is nice. This one will have a centered base to it. It’s going to definitely hold some wax. It’s going to get faster the more you wax it. It’ll just be a really nice performing base.

Other than that, you’ve got a full tip to tail wood core on this one, definitely very versatile. And then also you’ve got… what I thought was going to be a smooth nose and tail, but it isn’t, so we’ll just forget I did that. And that wraps up the Forum Dreamboat snowboard, super awesome, all-mountain free ride, little bit of freestyle, more directional, regular riding guy.



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