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Dave, here, talking about the super, awesome, mega-fantastic, Dub Logo snowboard boot. What you’re looking at here is, definitely, a nice price point snowboard boot for the entry level to intermediate, all-mountain rider.
This one is going to have the synthetic leather and Cordura construction. That’s going to help keep the weight down. This one’s, actually, a pretty low volume snowboard boot, for snowboard boots in this price range. You’ve got a skate style lacing system. It moves up into the three lace hooks at the top, here. Real easy to engage, disengage. From there, you’ve got a full rubber out-sole. Really good at gripping ice, good snow traction on this one, for sure. Moving into the liner, you’ve got sewn construction. Really good fit, right out of the box, on these. It does have a three D formed tongue. A really easy to use tensioner, so the laces will stay put all day long.
The bottom of this is reinforced, so if you’re out and about, you can rock these out of your snowboard boots and be a little bit more comfortable. The outer does have a three D molded tongue, so it’s, definitely, not going to deform when you get the pressure of the laces on it. And then, finally, the insole. This is, kind of, a basic insole. It’s, definitely, got a nice, deep, heel pocket. It’s going to keep your foot centered and give you a little bit more cushion on to the bottom of the snowboard boot.
That’s the Dub Logo snowboard boot, got a rocking price point on these.




  1. Travis DeWees July 13, 2012 at 9:51 am - Reply

    I have a pair of these boots, and i am looking to sell them, but i have no clue how much they cost, or go for. I would very much like to know so then i can trade them in for some new gear, Thanks.
    Sincerely Travis J. DeWees

  2. gufrocks
    gufrocks July 17, 2012 at 1:49 pm - Reply

    Usually Dub boots, in their prime, would retail for $150-$300. If they are a couple of seasons old with little to no blemishes you could sell them for $50-$75.

    Good luck! What boots are you planning on getting next?

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