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Dave here at The House talking about definitely one of my favorite DC shred sticks, the DC MLF snowboard. Stands for the Mountain Lab Freestyle. You can call it the MILF if you want to–they both have certain attractive attributes. What you’re looking at on this one is a very high end twin snowboard. It’s centered flex, centered shape, centered side-cut, centered stance. Everything’s symmetrical on this one.

Basically you’ve got the tried and true 7 radius side-cut, lots of different radiuses peppered along the side-cut is gonna make it really easy on your turn initiation, but then as you arc through the turn, really powerful carving snowboard. Super stable going up the ramp of a jump, super stable on the landing carving out of the jump. Base on this one is extremely high quality base for a twin snowboard. It’s a 7500 sintered base on this one. Definitely gonna be very fast. It’s gonna require some waxing more so than your $300 twin with an extruded base would. It’s only going to get faster throughout the life of it and you’ll definitely get the speed payout from waxing it.

The sidewall construction. DC’s doing it on all their snowboards, everybody’s doing it, you have to do it. It makes it more durable, it’s got better edge bite on icy hard-packed conditions. This one’s got a blunt nose and tail shape. That saves you in the swing weight. You don’t need that extra material there unless you’re rocking 3-foot deep powder, but then you’ve probably got another snowboard for that.

The radius to flat on the nose and tail puts all the curvature where the nose and tail begin. Runs it flat comin out of there gives it really good float in the good stuff and really good stability in uneven terrain. This one has their Aeron core which is very light. Tip to tail wood carbon running the center which makes it torsionally forgiving. Helps with stiffening it up while reducing the thickness of the core. This one on the flex scale, rockin about a 6.5. Can do some rails and boxes but where this thing shines is jumpin. Super awesome snowboard for that. This year the DC MLF snowboard comes with a sticker pack. All the kids love the stickers and now you got them for free with your snowboard.



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