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Dave here at The House talking about the Capita Stairmaster Extreme snowboard. Basically, it’s a suped up hot-rod of the ever-popular Stairmaster snowboard. You have a true twin on this one. What we’re looking at, it’s going to have a core upgrade. It’s going to have a base upgrade. It’s going to have a dampening upgrade, definitely a lot of features that makes it a good one to take a look at.

Flex wides and stuff they upgraded from the original Stairmaster. Stairmasters are about a three or four on a 1 to 10 scale. This one is probably going to bump up to about a five or so. Definitely makes it a little better for riding everywhere on the mountain, not just the park. It also makes it a little bit better of a jumping snowboard, too. From there, you’ve got rubber dampening foil that runs above the edge with different densities of sidewalls here. Basically what that is going to do is that is going to make the snowboard have a little bit better suspension to it. It’s going to make it lock under rails better. It will just provide a better ride overall.

You’ll see the core and fiberglass upgraded on this one, so this one will be a hair lighter than the traditional Stairmaster snowboard. Graphically speaking, an upgrade as well, too. You’ve got the kind of scandalous National Enquirer type graphics going on here. Every one is different, but they are always trying to do something a little more risque with the extremes. Sintered base it’s definitely going to be really fast. It absorbs wax well. It will get faster as you ride it.

This is a super good snowboard. All Capita’s feature a two-year warranty. They really back their product. This stuff is coming out of Austria, which is synonymous with good ski and snowboard design for many, many years now. Capita Stairmaster Extreme snowboard, if you are going for a sick shred stick for the park, bang on.



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