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Dave here at The House talking about the Capita Green Machine snowboard. (Hmmm!) What you’re looking at here is, basically, Capita’s most eco-friendly construction. What you’re going to have is a biodegradable bean topsheet, kind of somewhat what the Mervin guys are using. It’s not that really it’s not really that toxic, super glossy topsheet crap you see the other companies are pumping out, definitely, it’s got to be a little bit more eco-friendly.

From there, you’ve got beeswax in the base material. It’s a sintered base, so it’s going to endure a lot of wax I know it get a lot faster throughout the life of the snowboard. Super cool fleky sidewall stuff going on there. You got some sintered material, you got some ABS, just kind of old stuff they found in the factory floor crushed into a nice little sidewall there. What you’re looking at on this one is, basically, kind of kill-it-all freestlye snowboard. It’s going to work good in the park, it’s going to work good on the rest of the mountain, too, just a really nice twinned out, kill-it-all machine.

It’s got sustainable wood core running through the whole thing, so it definitely rounds out that eco-friendly construction. Die-cut base, Capita logo, Capita in-lay in the tail, a really good cosmetic finishing. Definitely, it’s going to kill it, pretty much any type of terrain. Flex wise, I’m rolling about a 5, 5.5 around this one on a 1 to 10 scale, just kind of tells you it’s going to be a really all-purpose, Swiss army knife type of snowboard. This is the one that our ex- employee Kyle Lunneborg rides. He doesn’t ride so much anymore cause he’s more like the rich and famous artist type now, but when he does ride, this is it. The Capita Green Machine snowboard.



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