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We’re good. Dave in the house talking about one of the best snowboards they’ve got in the shop a Burton Vapor snowboard. For many years this was their high end. This year they’ve got the Method’s in above it, but still definitely a Ferarri for what we’ve got in the warehouse for sure. What you’re looking at in this one, it’s got an aluminum honeycomb core. Basically the same technology that the military uses in their helicopter blades on their attack helicopters, so overkill on a snowboard for sure. What it’s going to do is it’s really going to lighten up the construction. They still do use wood underneath the snowboard binding positions with their engineered grain direction just to promote really good edge grip and give it that crisp, poppy feel.

From there, you’ve got their carbon vapor skin top sheet. Top sheet’s going to be infused with the fiber glass to also reduce the weight on it. It’s got the channel system. Combined with an EST snowboard binding I really consider it to be the biggest performance jump this company has made in their whole history. Really revolutionary. If you buy it, you definitely, definitely have to do a pair of EST snowboard bindings.

From there, you’ve got a slant wall side wall. The red areas in here indicate where the pressure distributions edges are. On a traditional snowboard, you have contact at the tail and at the nose with even pressure in between. With the pressure distribution edge is it bumps out ever so slightly right underneath the snowboard binding so you get two extra contact points. It’s going to work really good when you’re climbing icy pipe walls or you’re just cruising around on icy, hard-packed terrain.

It has the infinite ride process built into it, which is basically they’ll overbuild the snowboard and they put it into a machine that simulates about three years of usage. Long story short, when you get the snowboard out of the box from us, you’re going to flex it, it’s going to flex the same three years down the road and it’s definitely, like I say, one of my favorite technologies. It really does work; I’ve had it in a number of my snowboards.

Moving on to the base, we’ve got a subliminated and die-cut graphic. This is their sintered N2O WFO base. Extremely fast. It already comes just pre-impregnated with wax. Burton actually finishes it with the equivalent of about twenty to thirty hot waxes if you do them independently so it’s really ready to go for quite some time after you get it. It only gets faster the more you wax it, too. Definitely the second nicest base I have in the shop.

From there you’ve got a directional side cut directional stance but with a twin flex. Really well-balanced for pretty much killing any kind of terrain. You know, free-style oriented. The only thing it’s not going to really excel on is the rails and boxes. It’s a little too stiff for that, but you don’t bring a Ferrari to a rally anyways, so there you go on that. Other than that, you got their pro tip construction. You got meat a meaty sidewall through the middle here and it tapers out to really, really thin through the nose and tail to reduce the overall swing weight of the snowboard.

As always you know it’s a full tip to tail core on this one. Like I said, one of their best snowboards. They got Jean Michael Basquiat doing the graphic this year. Definitely, you know, really high-end art on this snowboard as well, too. That’s about the gist of the Burton Vapor snowboard. Man if you can afford it, it is one of the best snowboards if not the best snowboard in the shop. Check it out!



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