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Dave here at The House talking about the first snowboard boot in Burton’s park line. It’s the Burton Poacher snowboard boot. Very, very lightweight snowboard boot. Definitely got some cool skate style going on.

I’ll start with the outer. What you’re looking at here is the traditional lace. One seams got the nylon to simulate the skate-shoe look; perforated toe to do the same. It does have the new speedhook lacing system. It’s definitely going to be a little bit faster getting in and out of these, versus our older system. You got a 3D molded tongue, really, really nice at sucking into your shin, it’s already kinda molded, it doesn’t have to bunch or crimp at all. Bottom of this one’s got your basic rubber sole. Really good at cushioning. It does have the shrinkage tech, which takes what is a size-12 snowboard boot and shrinks the outer to what would be a size-11 snowboard boot in footprint. Still the same interior volume, but less toe-to-heel length means that a person with a size-12 foot might not have to go on a wideboard. So definitely good for those people with larger feet.

Flex on this one–you’re definitely looking at a softer flexing snowboard boot. Like I said, it’s their first snowboard boot in their park series. This snowboard boot will absolutely kill it for like rails, boxes, smaller jumps, stuff like that. Can ride them anywhere on the mountain, but probably definitely more like an entry-level to freestyle rider that’s going to be looking at these. Not quite the snowboard boot you’d probably take up to Alaska. From there, moving to the liner.

What you got is their Flex-1 liner. This is the entry-level liner within their Park snowboard boots. It is fully heat moldable. Usually I recommend just riding in these, that’s the best way to mold them. You get the natural pressure, natural heat; it’s really going to mold them the best way. Try them on when you get them. If you have like a certain pressure point, you can take them to a local shop to back that pressure point off, but typically the Burton boots fit really, really good right out of the box, as is. I got the lacing attached to the liner on this one. Burton’s liner lock is one of the best in the industry. Super durable, stays in place, super easy to disengage. Very very nice, long story short. On the interior of the liner, you do have a really, really comfortable fleece lining the whole interior of the liner. They have really good achilles grabbers in the back of the snowboard boot; really gives you a good heel hold with the snowboard boot. Very very lightweight, as any of the Burton liners go. Not too much spine support on this one. Just enough right around the heels to give you a good ankle hold. But you’ll definitely want to keep the overall weight of this snowboard boot down, being a Park snowboard boot.

In-sole is their basic level-1 in-sole. It does have really good 3D molding. It’s going to help keep the foot centered in the snowboard boot and it does have good arch-support to it as well. It kind of will form the contours of your foot with the heat moldable material being used in the bottom of the snowboard boot, too.

What we’re looking at here is a super-good freestyle snowboard boot, super-good price point. Burton Poacher snowboard boot.



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