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Dave here at The House, talking about the Burton Jussi snowboard, definitely one of the longest running models in the industry as far as the pro model goes. This snowboard’s kind of got a cult following around it, definitely really, really popular. Things to note on this one, it got a Super Fly II wood core, very light, very responsive, tons of laminates going on, definitely more pieces of wood in this than most any other core out in the market. It’s got the energy grain direction which is running the grain from the channel right through the edge so it takes a lot of the input from the snowboard binding and puts it right to the snowboard edge quickly, ultimately makes it stronger in those positions.

From there, you got the Channel Mounting System, definitely going to be really, really good when paired up with an EST snowboard binding. It’s got the scoop in the nose and in the tail this year, which going to make it float and track a little bit better in powder, also make it good when you kind of flak around funny farm you got it going on. Base on this one, it’s going to be Sintered Vision, really crisp graphics, really good wax absorption, only gets faster throughout the life of the snowboard.

This one is going to be a twin shape, so symmetrical nose and tail, but a directional flex, except you got a little bit more pop, you know, a little bit stiffer flex in the tail of the snowboard. Other than that, it’s got the Infinite Ride stick in the machine, simulates three years of usage, it’s going to flex the same as it does around the box as it would three years down the road. 10:45 sidewalls on this one, they use a vertical sidewall right above the edge to put more meat above it, give it a better edge hold, and give it a better durability. But then they’d go to slant wall at the top for the 45-degree at the top, to give it a lighter weight versus the traditional straight up and down sidewall.

Really, really good snowboard. Flex wise, this puppy is going to be a little stiffer than some of the other snowboards. You’re looking at probably like 6 out of 10, not the best thing for rails and boxes, but if you’re riding all around the resort, riding with powder, pipe, back country, everything else besides rails and boxes, this snowboard is a super, super good shred stick, for sure. Elliptical nose and tail kick, too, this floats up on top of the good stuff a little bit better. Burton Jussi snowboard, you can’t go wrong.



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