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Dave McCaul talking about super awesome, happy, fun, madness,Burton Jeremy Jones snowboard. Jeremy Jones pro modeled for Burton. Starting off with the graphic, it’s pretty cool. You got the whole mini shreds, sponsor me video, getting some height, getting some product, jumping roofs, getting on the magazine cover, getting a check, blowing it on booze, diamonds and stuff like that, getting kicked off the team and homeless. Life of a Proshred, all in one top sheet, pretty sick.

What you’re looking at here, directional snowboard twin flex, pretty much is going to kill all types of terrain. Flex in this one is dead and center 5 out of 10. As you go shorter in these snowboards, they become more rail jib oriented. As you go up higher, it becomes more Utah backcountry friendly. This one has got the Channel, really good, paired up with an EST snowboard binding, going to give you revolutionary snowboard feel, snowboard flex, adjustability, dampening, everything is better with that.

From there, 10:45 sidewall, puts a lot of meat right over the edge, runs into a slant wall at the top to reduce weight. Super awesome base graphic. Kyle would appreciate this one for sure. Die-cut, sintered, lots of wax already from the factory, but the more you wax it the faster it goes. Super Fly II Core in this one. Definitely going to be a very light weight, very reactive core. They will run the grain direction out underneath the snowboard binding to transfer energy from the channel, from the snowboard binding to the edge of the snowboard. So, really, a versatile all-terrain, freestyle shred stick, the Burton Jeremy Jones snowboard.



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