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This is Dave here at The House talking about the Burton Fix snowboard. It is a really, really cool twin-tip kill-it-all freestyle snowboard. It is with sintered flex and sintered side-cut. You got the channel on this one. It has got pretty much the biggest performance jump I’ve seen Burton make in the 22 years that I’ve been riding. It is mounted up with EST snowboard binding. You get better snowboard feel, increased cushioning, easier adjustability, and tons and tons of the extras.
From there we got the P-Rocker. It’s going to be flat between the snowboard bindings and they have a little bit of kick in the nose than the tail. Burton is smart. They don’t do it super aggressive. 90% of the time when you run flat base, you’re still going to have contact with the snow. What it does though is it makes the snowboards a lot more forgiving. Say you come around a little short on your switchback 10, it’s going to allow you to scoot you through and roll away from it, also pressing rails, box and stuff like that. It’s already predispositioned to do that. Moving from there, it will have a scoop nose and tail, slightly bold out nose and tail. So, if you’re doing like any kind of butters, manuals, flat ground stuff like that, super forgiving snowboard and combo’ed with the P-Rocker, it is almost impossible to catch your edge at the point of contact.
From there, you’ve got basically a 1045 sidewall, puts a lot of meat directly over the edge, but moves into a slight wall at the top to save weight. On this one, you have got a sintered base, die-cut graphic on this one. The fixes are going with violent tools, which is always fun and stuff. Really poppy graphic. It takes a lot of wax, only gets faster the more you wax it. Flex on this baby is going to be probably I would say about a 3 out of 10. It is definitely your softer and more freestyle oriented snowboard.
Other than that it comes with the Rail Ready tune. It’s already got the edge detuned. So basically take it out, hit the rails with it, and ride away. It has got Park Fly II core in this one. It’s going to have lighter weight woods in the nose than in the tail. It’s going to promote quicker swing weight or faster swing. This makes it come around a lot quicker. It’s going to make it react quicker as you’re carving through the freestyle after school and stuff like that. It comes with the Get Lifted program. It is really, really cool. If you can sign up online, you get a free Lift ticket for buying the snowboard. No other company does that. It is definitely a cool way that the Burton is kicking back to the folks that actually do this stuff.
So, yeah, Burton Fix snowboard man, awesome deck!



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