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Alright, Dave here at the house. I’m going to trust you all, to keep a secret for me. This is the snowboard my daughter is getting for Christmas. What you’re looking at here is the Burton Feelgood Smalls snowboard, best girl’s snowboard I have in the shop. What you’re looking at is a scaled down version, of their of adult Feelgood model. Very, very high end snowboard for the kids. Will do any type of riding freestyle, free ride, ice, powder, everything. You can definitely throw a beginner on it, if they fit into the lengths. It’s a very forgiving high end snowboard.

What you’re looking at, really really cool watercolor top sheet graphics, you got a little see through window, a little gold accent going on. Looks really really good in person. Then you got a sidewall construction. This is something you don’t see all the time on the kids snowboards; is the higher end construction. It’s going to make it bite a little better on icy hard pack terrain; it’s going to make it really durable. This one will get milled out really nice in the nose and the tail, reduces the swing weight, keeps the overall weight of the snowboard down too.

Rolling into the base, you’ve got a light speed vision base. It’s a very, very high end extruded base, really good optical clarity see through to the graphics really really well with it. Flex in this one, probably looking about like a three out of ten, obviously you want to be a little bit softer, a little bit more forgiving for the kids. It’s got a super fly core to it. Very light weight, tip to tail wood core. Burton uses more wood pieces of wood in their cores than pretty much anybody else out there. Definitely going to be really poppy, really lively and it’s going to maintain its flex a lot longer.

Other than that its got the grip and rip tune. It’s ready to go right out of the bag. Contact points are detuned so you don’t catch your edge right there. Super super nice snowboard. Comes with the go snowboarding sticker which is awesome. Basically you sign up online and you can get a free lift ticket and a free learn to ride lesson at participating resorts. You ride out West and that package can easily be worth like 150, so super cool only thing Burtons doing. Really kicking a lot of money back to the shutters for sure.

Like I said you got to keep the secret until at least after Christmas, because I want her to get Stoked out. Burton Feelgood Smalls snowboard.



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  1. Damien November 22, 2015 at 9:10 pm - Reply

    Ok I’m sold.. good chance santas grabbing one for our daughter (14yrs 50kg) & also a Custom small for our son (12yrs 48kg) both intermediate.. just need advice on recommended size and what bindings?
    Thank you for your time.

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