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Dave here at the house talking about basically women’s custom. It’s a Burton Feelgood snowboard, super versatile, do anything type of snowboard. Very, very high-end construction on this one. It has the traditional camber going onto it. Still works really, really well. Makes them a little bit more powerful for turning. Definitely gives them more pop when you’re already fighting the snowboard to get the tail off. Still has it’s place within snowboarding.

Running the chanel on this one, the chanel, as always, is best matched up with an EST snowboard binding. This gives it a better snowboard feel, creates cushioning, easier adjustability, no dead spots underneath the snowboard binding, lighter weight, etc. Tons of benefit with a chanel/EST combo. It has a super high-end, Super Fly II core. Very, very lightweight. This snowboard is going to be snappy and is going to be responsive. They run the grain direction perpendicular across the snowboard. This will take the power from the chanel and power from the snowboard binding and put it right to the snowboard edge. This year they added lightning bolts, which just reiterate that system. They are little carbon stringers that run across the snowboard. Same principle, taking the power from the chanel and from the snowboard binding out to the edge. Where you need it.

It has a Pro-tip construction on this bad girl. A thick sidewall and a nice thin profile on the nose and the tail. Reduces the swing weight, which makes the snowboard react quicker as you go through the tree wells. Nicer, higher-end construction there. The base is a sintered N2O WFO, which stands for “wide F@$%ing open”. Very, very fast. It will take some waxing and will get faster throughout its life, the more you wax it. It has the infinite rod process. They overbuild the snowboard and put it in a machine that simulates three years of usage. This ensures the snowboard will flex the same throughout the life of it. It has a triax glass, which is higher end. It will give it more support and allow them to mill the wood core a little bit thinner.

Finally, they run carbon down centerline. That makes the snowboards very stiff and very responsive in the middle, but still torsionally forgiving the other way. Which is what you would want in a snowboard like this. Flex pattern is about a 4 to 4.5. Super versatile snowboard. Anybody from intermediate to advanced, this snowboard can go anywhere on the mountain for you.

Burton Feelgood snowboard- one of my favorite women’s snowboards in the shop and not just because it’s purple.



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