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Dave here at the House, talking about the best women’s snowboard I have in the shop. It’s a Burton Feel Good ES snowboard, it’s basically Extra Special Feel Good.

Look at this one; it’s got the channel which you do with all the Burton high end stuff. Especially if you’re rocking this snowboard you have to be rocking the EST snowboard binding, definitely Escapades are going to be the name of the game with this one for sure. If you’re looking at a snowboard of this caliber you already know what EST does for you.

This one this year is gonna have lightning bolts coming from the track along with the grain direction from the wood. They’re gonna have little carbon stringers that will run all the response and all the input from the track, from the snowboard binding right to the snowboard edge; giving you really good grip. This one will have pressure distribution edges; where the edge bows out ever so slightly underneath the foot, and that is just gonna give increased traction, increased edge hold in icy hard packed terrain or if you’re riding half pipe. Which this snowboard definitely does excel at.

The sidewall on this one is a nice slant slide-wall. It’s gonna be really good as far as protecting the innards of the snowboard. It’s gonna hold the edge on icy hard packed terrain, and just definitely what you’re looking for in a snowboard now a days.

Base on this one, it’s super, super high end. You’re looking at a centered N2O/WFO Vision. It’s got really good clarity through to the graphic. This one comes just slammed with wax from the factory; it is going to be lightning fast, you don’t have to wax it for a good three to five times out. But from there on the more you wax it, the faster it becomes. A really, really cool base. Definitely the best one they put into a women’s snowboard.

One more thing on the top sheet, it’s a carbon vapor light top sheet or vapor skin top sheet. They’re going to fuse the top sheet to the fiber glass. It really helps them reduce the overall weight of the snowboard. That combo’d with the dragonfly wood core, which is the best wood core that Burton makes; you’ve got an extremely light snowboard that’s incredibly responsive. Definitely a very high end snowboard. This is for an intermediate to advanced rider. Not gonna be the best thing to be taking on the rails and boxes, but anything else it is absolutely gonna slay it for sure.

Triax glass, nice stiff supportive glass, carbon I-beams running up the middle; it’s gonna make it flex-tru. But then still give it some flex torsionally, making it a little more forgiving. This model will feature traditional camber, really powerful from turn to turn and really poppy off of the lip of the pipe or the jump.

It’s got the Get Lifted ticket program on it. Basically what you do is fill out a form online and send it in to them and they send you free lift tickets to a ton of resorts nationwide. Super cool program, only Burton’s doing it. Definitely an added perk on top of the fact that you have the best women’s snowboard on the market.

Burton Feelgood ES snowboard.




  1. Sarah October 17, 2012 at 5:21 pm - Reply

    what would the value be? I’ve got a new 145 from a few years ago that I never rode and want to sell but no idea what to list for, or where to even list it!

    • gufrocks October 18, 2012 at 6:08 pm - Reply

      If it’s still in the wrap you could sell it on Ebay or Craigslist for $200-$300.

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