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Dave here at The House. Talking shop about the Burton Dominant snowboard. Super cool snowboard they’ve had on the line for quite a few years now. Definitely going to be a really, really affordable, kill it all, freestyle snowboard. It’s got the channel system this year so you can rock the EST snowboard bindings with it. It’s going to give you a really smooth snowboard flex, no dead spots underneath or traditional snowboard binding. It has got massive stance options, you can really bang out your stance on this one. Then from there, increase cushioning on landing, better snowboard on metal feel. It’s all over the place craziness, I’ll tell you.

From there, we’ve got P-Rocker, another new thing on the snowboard this year. It’s going to be flat though the snowboard binding and then have just ever so slight rocker in the nose and the tail. What that does is it keeps the contact points off the ground. So if you’re coming around a little short on the landing, you’ll be able to scooch it around to roll away. Also pressing, it’s already going to be predispositioned to press a little bit easier that way too. Definitely a really, really cool rocker that you can find on the Dominant, and a couple other ones.

From there, we’ve got an extruded base, very easy to take care of. Doesn’t require as much waxing. Easy to repair if you got a rock or a kink from the handrail to gouge it out. Other than that, 10:45 side wall, it’s pretty much straight up, right off the edge, and then goes into a slant wall on top. Slant wall saves weight, where as the meat over it is definitely going to make it a little bit more durable, make it hold an edge better on icy hard pack terrain.

From there, snowboard will have the Infinite ride process built into it. They’re going to over build the snowboard, then stick it in a machine that simulates about three to four years of usage. This ensures that the flex is the same as it did when you get it out of the box as it does three years down the road. So definitely even increasing the durability of the snowboard.

Finally you’ve got pro tip, meaty side wall through the center. Nice slender nose and tail, reduces the swing weight. Makes the snowboard torsionally more forgiving. Comes with the Get Lifted program, free lift ticket when you buy the snowboard. Super awesome happy fun time madness, Burton Dominant snowboard.



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