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Stuck on the fence amidst the rocker vs. camber debate? The Custom Flying V could be right up your liftline because it features a mash-up of a whole mess of options. An aggressive rocker sits between your feet and at the nose and tail of the board, while your binders rest atop sections of camber. This Frankenstein of technology provides for amazing pop while keeping up the playful feel of a rocker.

The flex on the nose mirrors that of the tail in order to leave spectators wondering if that press was switch or regs, and the Custom V also features edges underfoot that extend slightly outward for increased edge control.  This deck sports The Channel for mounting your bindings, so you’ve got half the bolts weighing you down than a traditional pattern.

This jumper comes in a variety of sizes: 148, 151, 154, 156, 158, 160, 163 and also 155W, 158W, 162W, and 169W.



  1. Robert Benvin December 23, 2012 at 11:28 am - Reply

    This message is for Jake Burton. I Jake, I just happen to be playing around with my iphone and I stumbled on your name. I am very happy to find out about your success with snow boards.This brings back memories when you came witth your board at the Century Sports booth at the Collosium in N.Y. and at the end of the show you helped me to bring home a ping pon table. I will never forget those days. I moved to Delray Beach F.L. 22 years ago. I still play squash a few times a week. Should you ever be in the area; I have an extra racket for you. Stay well and happy Holidays to you and your familly. Adios.

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