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Dave here at The House talking about the Burton Con-Dom snowboard. It’s a takeoff on the regular Dominant. Basically if you like free basing this is the snowboard for you, because it has Free Base technology. Long story short, look down the centerline. The whole snowboard rolls slightly like this. It lifts the edges off of the ground, so as you are sliding through the kinks, or you know you’re kind of just goofing around or whatever, it’s going to make it a really loose forgiving snowboard. You’re not going to catch as much on the rails.

Other than that, you have basically pretty much a flat construction on this one. Not really cambered, not really rockered; kind of the best of both worlds on that one. You got the Channel system which is good. It will mount up good with any EST snowboard binding; definitely get better snowboard feel, better cushioning, and more adjustability with your stance. For every reason, it’s better. Other than that, you got a twin snowboard with a directional flex. It’s going to have a little bit stiffer tail than nose, but otherwise it’s twinned out for its side cut and then for its stance as well too.

You got extruded base with this one; really easy to take care of. It doesn’t require much waxing. Easy to repair if you get like a nick from a rail or from a rock in the spring time. It has Infinite Ride built into it. Basically, it’s going to flex the same throughout the life of the snowboard. And then, it does come with the Get Lifted Program. Buy the snowboard, fill this out and they’ll send you a lift ticket for a resort near you. Really cool program that only Burton is doing. But like I said, it’s just a takeoff on the Dominant; big thing is that Free Base technology. It’s just going to be really loose, torsionally forgiving and really good for guys that are doing a lot of metal. Not the hair farming, but the park hand-rail metal type stuff. The Burton Con-Dom snowboard.



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