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Dave here at The House talking about the Burton Bullet snowboard. Definitely our best selling wide snowboard. It’s the most affordable wide snowboard that Burton makes and we sold a ton of them. Definitely going to be better than lot of other manufacturers’ high-end wide snowboards. What you are looking at, this one, it’s got their Fly Core, tons of different laminates going into this core to make it lighter weight, which is important on the wider snowboards, but it is very lively, very responsive with the full tip-to-tail wood core.

From there it has a Cruise Control technology. The snowboard will be rolled like this ever so slightly just to keep the edges off the snow so that the person that might be just starting a ride or going through the intermediate stages isn’t going to catch an edge quite as quick. This one does come with their Grip and Rip Tune. It’s already detuned, especially at the nose and the tail. So, it’s pretty ready to go right out of the bag. It has an extruded vision base. Got really good clarity, really good clearness with the P-Tex. See the graphic easily. You don’t have to wax this one as much and it’s really easy to repair if you get hit from a rock or rail or something like that.

Other than that, you’ve got slant wall construction. Really, really good at holding the edge on icy hardpack terrain. Really good at resisting damage. This one will come with the Go Snowboarding sticker. Really, really cool program that Burton is doing. You buy the snowboard, you fill this out online and it’s going to give you a free learn-to-ride lesson and a Lift Ticket at participating resorts, something super cool that only Burton is doing. Definitely throwing a lot of money into this program, throwing a lot of love back to us. So the Burton Bullet snowboard is a good one to support, awesome snowboard, super durable, will last forever. So, awesome, pureness, magical.



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