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Dave here at the house. Burton Blender snowboard. Super, super sick snowboard for the women. What you are looking at, it’s got a slew of their new technologies going on in this snowboard. First off, you got the channel, definitely the biggest performance jump I’ve seen Burton make in my 22 years of riding. Got to partner this one up with EST snowboard binding to get the full effect. Once you do that, you get really smooth snowboard flex. No dead spots. So you get increased cushioning, better snowboard feel, easier adjustability, lighter weight set up. I mean, yeah, just buying the EST snowboard binding basically.

From there, you got the P-ocker, which is awesome. Also known as the party rocker. It’s flat through the middle portion, it’s got the kick through the nose and the tail. And on this one, they will actually have a spoon nose and tail. The nose and tail will curve ever so slightly like that. So really, the whole name of the game here is keeping this contact point that always causes you to catch your edge, off the ground. It makes the snowboards very forgiving. Definitely helps you scooch around a spin, if you didn’t quite make it all the way. Makes some track—really good on power. Makes them super fun for flat ground stuff. Just really, really fun, high-end playful snowboard from them.

On the base, here, you are looking at a sintered visioned base. Really good clarity– you can see right though to the ink. Really high-end as far as how much wax it will absorb. Definitely going to be fast. Only going to get faster through the life of the snowboard—the more you wax it too. Twin shape, twin flex on this one. Pretty symmetrical. Nothing really directional about it. It’s got the park fly core, which will put meatier, stronger woods through the center here, giving you impact protection. They will run the grain direction out from the track to give you better grip on the icy hard-pack terrain. And then on the nose and tail, they use lighter woods to reduce the wing weight. To make it a q quicker reacting snowboard, and definitely make it spin a little bit quicker.

Other than that, you’ve got triax glass running through it. It’s going to be nice, supportive, high-end glass that will allow you to run the core a little bit thinner, but still allow it to give a good support rating. I am putting this right about 3 out of 10. It’s going to be definitely good for intermediate to advance all mountain person or maybe entry level to intermediate freestyle. Maybe even advanced too. It really is a super versatile snowboard from them.

You got the infinite ride built into this snowboard. They are going to put in a machine that simulates three years of usage. Long story short, take out the baggy flex it, three years down the road, flex is the same. It really does work—I am backing the technology myself. Yeah super nice snowboard. Handmade in Austria. Tons of tech. Not too bad of a price tag. The Burton Blender snowboard.



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