This Young Buck Just Learned How To Front Blunt!

This Young Buck Just Learned How To Front Blunt!

The Electronic Entertainment Expo kicked off in Los Angeles this morning, bringing all sorts of gamers out of their parent’s basements to check out the latest and greatest developments. One such announcement that garnered a lot of hype was the unveiling of Microsoft’s Natal hardware for the XBox 360.

The Natal is essentially Wii, but without the controllers. A sensor picks up your body movements in front of the TV and reflects them in the action of the game. Parents will no doubt be thrilled that this year’s Christmas present will be less likely to lead to a Wii remote smashing through the front of a brand new plasma TV.

The Natal system will work with EA’s Skate games, promoting either cross-training on rainy days or albinism year-round. I mean look at the kid in the picture, he’s havin’ a blast! He doesn’t have to worry about being picked on for pushing mongo or mall-grabbing, and mom doesn’t have to worry about little Timmy bruising his elbow as he practices shove-its in front of that ledge everyone is trying to hit!

Here’s the video you’ll want to watch with all your friends, which hopefully inspires you to grab yourself one of these and get out there for the real thing.

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