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2011 Darko Snowboard Boots

If you guys haven’t seen this boot yet, you’re seeing it now. It’s theĀ  K2 Darko. This is K2‘s team-driven dark force boot, this thing is absolutely crazy. So many awesome features. So many cool things to look at. I can’t wait to put this thing on my foot, and I might do it now. The lacing system is the traditional lacing system a lot of people like – the difference in pressure in the top of their foot and their forefoot. It has the lacing system, but one thing that this thing has, that many boots don’t have that have a traditional lacing system, is the Boa Contra system. You’ll see this little Boa piece on the side, and did you know K2 has actually used the Boa system for 11 years now? It’s a pretty cool fact. Not very many companies have been using the Boa for that long. On the inside of your liner, instead of having a traditional pull-lace system, it actually has the Boa lace system. So, if you’re in the park and you want your internal lace liner to be a little bit more tight, click that thing down, click that thing a couple times over, and all of a sudden, the internal part of your boot is tight without actually having to undo the laces. It’s a great thing if you play foosball like me a lot inside the chalet.

The K2 performance out-sole also has Harshmellow. Harshmellowis a technology that K2 is using in their boards, bindings, andĀ  their boots. There is a comfort zone, because of the Harshmellow, on the forefoot and on the heel cuff of the boot on the out-sole, and the foot bed, the actual foot bed, also has a 3D form EVA foot bed and the K2 Darko also has Harshmellow. So these things, when you’re stomping 60 footers to flat or jumping off parking lots or over a floor or just walking around, these things are gonna be comfortable. If you have uncomfortable boots when you ride, you wanna go in a lot of the time. Well, you won’t wanna go in a lot of the time because these boots are gonna be so comfortable.

I like the 3D tongue. The K2 Darko have super-plush interior as well. It has a micro asymmetrical cuff in it so even though the outside of your foot and the inside of your foot are shaped a little bit different, by your calf area I should say, these things aren’t gonna give you a lot of problems because it’s shaped well to the actual shape of your body. The flex is a little bit stiffer than average, it’s a 7 out of a 1 to 10 range. They’re all black. Traditional lace system. It has a Velcro pod closure so you don’t get that snow inside that part of your boot and it has the Boa Contra system. This thing is pretty dark. That’s why they call it the K2 Darko Boot.



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