How To: Pop Off a Roller on a Snowboard

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Getting comfortable launching airs off of rollers—natural “kickers” found around the ski area and off the edge of cat tracks—is a big step in transitioning to the bigger jumps in the park. Plus, it turns the ride back to the lift and run-of-the-mill groomers into an all-mountain freestyle experience. The mountain is your terrain park, after all. -MH

To launch a straight air, a balanced, athletic stance is key as you approach the roller. As you approach the decline, get lower like your powering up to spring. Stay centered over your board, and as you approach the top of the roller begin to uncoil out of your low stance, and shift your weight slightly back to load up the tail. Pop an ollie off the top of the roller, pull your knees up and you’re airborne!

As you start to approach the landing, extend your legs to meet the ground, and stomp the landing. Absorb the impact, center your weight over the board, and ride to the next cat track or flat-to-steep transition.


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