How To Buy Snowboarding Socks

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Wearing socks that have been specifically designed for snowboarding can enhance a riders comfort tremendously. Wearing regular cotton street socks is not a good idea because though they may be warm at first if they get wet at all they will lose all of their insulating properties, and also they won’t be as durable. Tube socks will tend to fall down which will create bunching in the boot and underneath the ankle strap of the binding and is going to be very uncomfortable.

A lot of snowboard socks are going to be synthetic. These materials are excellent for maintaining a good body temperature. When the body is too warm they will take heat away and when the body is cold it will hold heat in. Synthetics are a really good material that a lot of snowboard socks use, but there are also many other kinds of materials that they can be made out of.

Snowboard socks will also have a forward lean built into them. This will reduce bunching in key areas underneath the boot when riding, making the way the sock lies much more comfortable. Snowboard socks will also be made with extra padding in certain areas that generally have more pressure from the boots and bindings when riding.

A lot of people will double up their socks when going to ride thinking it will keep their feet warmer. This will actually make a riders feet colder. The extra layers will constrict circulation and movement in the toes and without that extra blood flow warmth will not be able to be brought out to those extremities.


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