GNU Park Pickle PTX Snowboard 2012 Review

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This is the new GNU Park Pickle. That’ right. It’s a board that excels in all conditions, but it is absolutely fantastic and excellent in the park; that’s why they call it the Park Pickle. It is a twin-shape, but it is an asymmetrical twin-shape. It has Banana Tech and BTX. In between your bindings, you’re actually going to have a reverse camber shape, and after the bindings to the nose and the tail, it’s going to be flat and slightly cambered. It’s going to be playful in all conditions, whether you’re riding a pow or riding in the park, the shape is going to be a lot of fun. When you’re on the boxes, of course, it’s going to flex easy with that Banana Tech and BTX in the middle, that reverse camber. But you’re also going to be able to bite down on those landings and set a nice, solid edge with the mild and flat camber underneath the bindings to the nose and the tail.

It does have an asymmetrical shape, meaning that there’s only one heelside edge on this board. The heelside edge is this one actually right here, and it’s labeled quite well. It’s a little bit deeper of a sidecut radius than the toeside edge. That means when you’re a regular foot rider, your nose is going to be right there, your front foots’ going to be there, and if you’re a goofy footer rider, your front foot’s going to be right there. The asymmetrical shape also has an asymmetrical aspen core that runs, of course, from tip to tail.

What I like most about this board, besides the BTX and the fact that it’s a TransWorld Good Wood Snowboard Award winner, is the Magne-Traction. I’m right here in the Mid-West, and the Magne-Traction does great things for people on ice. The edge of this board is kind of like a serrated knife blade. It has more contact points with the snow and more surface area, and causes for a better bite. The edges—from what I know Mervin has never actually done a 360 wrap. On the nose and the tail, you’ll see that there’s no edge actually on the nose and the tail. It saves weight, it saves the amount of material they use, and it’s great. The sintered base has die cut. It has a One Ball J factory wax right out of the factory. The graphic was done by Tim Karpinski. And you can make the stance pretty darn wide; I think it’s like 38 inches or so. Anyway, this is the Park Pickle by GNU with Magne-Traction and BTX. Go ride it.


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