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Forum’s ChillyDog Technology is Forum’s terminology for their continuous rocker technology which has been around previous to 2011. What’s new about this technology for 2011 boards is the newly added “pop”.

The continuous rocker shape of this board is based off of one big circle.

The smooth constant arc underfoot makes the board stable, precise and fun. The continuous rocker shape lifts the tip and the tail of the board off of the snow, which makes the board more forgiving on takeoffs and landings.

The newly added “pop” zones, set just outside your stance. The pop zones are built into the core-profile of this board making it super fun and “poppy”.

“The reason why I like continuous rocker, especially this year with the pop, is because it’s stiffer and it’s still a fun board.” -Peter Line

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  1. Ashtin September 19, 2012 at 12:41 pm - Reply

    Whe are the 2013 chillydogs coming out?

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