2011 Forum Snowboards, the Republic Bindings

Forum Snowboards, Snowboard Boots, Bindings, Jackets & PantsThese things have some great, great technology, one being this disc right here. It’s called the Good Vibe Hinge Disk. Forum has a lot of rocker boards and a lot of other companies have rocker boards as well, but they don’t have bindings that work with the rocker shape, so Forum has designed a hinge disk. This hinge actually hinges with the flex of the board, and it works very, very well with the Good Vibe Hinge baseplate as well. There’s actually two pieces of plastic right there and this thing will flex with your board. It’s brilliant definitely a very good idea.

These bindings are going to be really comfortable. It has the classic high back wrap EVA footbed, so these things are going to absorb a lot of impact. Not only are you going to have normal thickness of an EVA pad, but you’re also going to have twice the thickness that fills in the spots of where the rest of the plastic used to be. It’s going to be very, very light, of course.

For the straps, we have what’s called a Br0 Strap. It’s a 3D-spine strap, so inside there’s plastic that actually holds the shape so it’s not going to flop all over the place. It’s anatomically correct, of course, and then the toe straps are the Throwdown straps. It’s not the traditional strap that goes on top of your foot, it’s the new designed strap that goes on the front of your foot.

They cut out a little bit of the material in the middle to save a little bit of weight and put some neoprene inside.Now, the rest of the binding is pretty cool too. The chassis, the baseplate and the heelcup kind of combine two different materials. The nylon composite actually is 15% fiberglass, and the heelcup (or what Forum calls the heelhoop) is aircraft-grade aluminum. So, they combined the most, or the best of both worlds – the flexibility of the nylon composite and then the strength and durability of the aluminum. This is the Forum Republic with the hinge system. Lots of good vibes, these things are going to work well with your rocker board.

Forum Republic Snowboard Binding

Forum Republic Snowboard Binding

Hey, this is Andrew here with Forum Snowboards, here to talk about Forum Republic Binding. At Forum we’re all about using the right materials in the right places on a binding so we have a nylon accompanied with aluminum heel frame. Some companies use either one or the other. We like having the dual materials. It gives you the best of both worlds where you have the nylon able to flex underneath your feet as your board flexes in the snow and the power and effectiveness of aluminum from edge to edge; you get more power that way.

Speaking of the aluminum, this heel frame wraps all the way under to the front to give you a better lever to get quicker turning response toe to heel. And also with the nylon you’re going to have that nice soft feel underneath the foot. There’s a full UVA pad so you’re not stepping right on the plastic. The bra strap is nice and cushy, it holds your foot in nicely. It has easy glide buckles, which are really nice and smooth.. You also get the full throw down toe cap strap, it holds incredibly well on your boot. This binding in particular has 30% nylon reinforcement so it is one of our most responsive bindings, but it’s still flexible enough side to side to give you the movement you need. There’s a little tool free forward lean adjustment back here and an adjustable toe ramp. This is the Forum Republic Snowboard Binding in the Black Core Colorway. This binding also has the Forum multidisk. This will fit on any mounting system on any snowboard: 3 hole, 4 hole, or the channel system. All of the Forum bindings come with the Forum multidisk.


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