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Forum Women’s Snowboard Bindings

Hey, it’s Andrew here again, here with Forum Snowboards to talk about the women’s Forum Keeper Binding. This is a great binding for excellent binding for the money. Kind of middle of the road as far as the price range, but as far it feature wise, it definitely has a lot of high end stuff that will be nice for a beginning female rider all the way up to a girl that’s riding five days a week. First thing you can notice is we use multi-material. So we use nylon underneath the foot with an aluminum heel loop that wraps all the way to the front. The nylon underneath the foot flexes nicely with board, whereas the aluminum from the edge to edge, as far as heel to toe, you’re going to have a bigger lever, so you’re going to be able to respond to turns more quickly. You’re going to get on your heel side, toe side edge much faster than say a regular nylon binding. With the aluminum re-enforcement you’re going to be able to power through those turns a lot faster. You’re going to get a bubbler strap here, nice and comfortable. Pretty much anything that you need. Of course it’s not going to be quite as fancy and plush as some of the other ones, but it’s definitely plush enough, You’re not going to get pain all day long. You have the throwdown toe strap, where it cups the top of your boot nicely. It definitely stays in place. Adjustable toe ramp, adjustable forward lean, and, again this is going to come with a Forum multi-disk, gonna fit on any mounting pad or on any snowboard, whether it be a three hole, four hole, or a channel.


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