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This is the Forum Contract Snowboard; this is the urban legend riding board. This is for the rider that likes to throw their deck on the ground when they get pissed off and hit their face on a donkey.

Has a flex rating of about a 3; it has a lot of what Forum calls Bad Ass Materials. Its profile and shape is actually a cambered shape with more pop. It has created more contact space with the snow on both the nose and on the tail, so you get ollie quite a bit higher. It does have a twin shape, and it does have a Bad Ass core. Tip to tail of laminate wood with reinforced wood underneath the bindings; pretty much from right about there to right about there. From the D to the S, as it were. That’s a long, the reinforced wood goes in the Bad Ass core.

The laminate in the glass inside is also called bad-ass, it’s called Bad Ass Glass, and it runs at 90 degrees and at zero degrees. It has a little bit more glass than a normal Biax fiberglass snowboard would, which makes it about 20 percent stronger than most Biax fiberglass boards. Another cool thing about this, besides this amazing base, is the 0 to 60 base – strong, indestructible, you won’t have to wax it much, and it’s going to stay fast. You can beat this thing on the ground and it’s still going to hold up; it’s bad-ass. And besides that, it does have the 3-degree beveled edge, so you won’t catch up on those rails and those kinks and whatever else you want to ride when you’re out there in the streets, not having to buy lift tickets.

The Contract’s a great board. They have a couple of different base graphics: one says Sex, one says Drugs, one says Rock ‘n Roll. The Forum Contract. You can beat this thing to death. Have fun!

The Forum Contract Snowboard a brand new board for 2011. This is what we are calling our urban board. Basically the whole idea with urban, a lot of snowboarding has gone to the streets, not specifically just on the mountain. This one is kind of developed with that in mind. It is designed for concrete ledges, hand rails, and things like that. The thing with the Contract, it has what is called the Bad Ass package. Since this is going to be ridden in the urban environments — concrete, rails, and things like that — we beefed up the fiberglass, and beefed up the core. The side rail and the edges, all of this stuff, is 20% stronger than what we use on the rest of the line. The profile of this is what is called top camber. It is a camber board but the camber doesn’t go all the way out to the contact points. You have a little pop zone here which is going to give you more power for higher ollies and additional benefit for that is being able to press and lock on to a ledge or a rail and things like that. It is really rad. You are going to get a lot more energy out of this than say a reverse camber or a rocket board. Another cool thing that Forum did here is the zero to sixty base. Zero to sixty base is designed to get you up to speed quickly. It is not a real high-end speed but it is meant for quick drop-ins. You have 20 feet to get up to speed to get an ollie onto the rail. The way they do that is the difference in the molecular makeup of the base. It is nothing more than just rearranging some molecules in the base. It does not have as much top end speed but it will get you up to speed faster than other boards. It is a full twin tip board. Graphically, it definitely stands out.





  1. Emerald Bensadoun December 11, 2016 at 10:29 am - Reply

    Trying to buy this board. Any idea where I can find it today?

    • gufrocks March 2, 2017 at 6:40 pm - Reply

      Ebay or Craiglist might have it!

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