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Forum Booter Snowboard Boot

Forum Snowboards, Snowboard Boots, Bindings, Jackets & PantsThe Forum Booter boot is going to be that comfortable boot that you can wear for decades. It has the Forever Fit construction technology that Forum uses where they build the inside of the boot to the outside of the boot.  So, inside of this they have the new Footpillow footbed. It feels like a pillow, you step inside this boot and you are going to be walking in heaven. It feels like you’re walking on a cloud.

It’s literally that comfortable. Outside of the new Footpillow, they’ve built a Level 3 liner. The Level 3 liner has a lot more support than your average boot, which gives this overall boot a flex rating of about a 5. It’s on the stiffer end of the Forum line but still about average for the whole boot line in general. One of my favorite things about the new Level 3 liner is the non-slip technology that the top has. So like when you slide your foot in, your foot slides in well.

It’s almost like they’re scaled, but when you try to pull your foot out, there’s little catches. So when you ride and you know every once in a while your snowboard socks will like slide down. Well, this will help your snowboard socks from sliding down. It’s kind of cool. It does also have a little booster strap on top of the liner as well so you can really crank down the internal lace liner. The lace liner does have what’s called a Gold Cuff Link. It does have traditional laces on it as well. Now, besides the Footpillow, besides the Level 3, the Level 3 liner also has FGel along the whole bottom. So you have the Footpillow, you have FGel on the liner and then on the outsole you also have the Good Vibes outsole. It’s a skate influenced outsole. It’s going to be nice and thin. You’re going to be able to feel everything, that is snow, cement, or rails.

You’re going to feel everything under this boot because of that thin sole. The Good Vibes also has FGel technology in it. It has two different kinds of composites. So that it has the lighter composite, which is the FGel, which is squishy and not very dense, which keeps it nice and light. And then they have a thicker more dense rugged black material here so it won’t wear down as quickly as you might think. This thing is going to be comfortable, the Footpillow, the FGel, the Level 3 liner, the Good Vibes sole with FGel, traditional laces, cool look, awesome color scheme. This is the Forum Booter Snowboard Boot . Stomp it, comes with extra laces too.


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