Five Things You Didn't Know About Skateparks

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  1. Kelso, Washington was home to the first skatepark in the world for skateboarders which was made of plywood on a half-acre sand lot  in 1966. The first modern day skatepark as we know it today, was built in Carlsbad, California in 1976.
  2. The world’s largest skatepark is in Shanghai, China. SMP Skatepark is 44,936 square feet and hosts an international skate competition known as “The Showdown.” Check out the video tour below of this incredible skatepark.
  3. USA Today reported that anywhere from 2-3 skateparks are built each week in the US. Their popularity and acceptance by small towns and cities has increasingly been on the rise.
  4. Concrete skateparks are the industry standard these days. Prefab skateparks constructed with wood, metal or steel are on the decline since they require more maintenance than concrete parks.
  5. Skaters For Public Skaters is an organization dedicated to providing accurate skatepark data and trends for skateparks advocates to use when planning and funding a public skatepark. Many skateparks in the US are built from the hard work and dedication of skateboarders pleading their case to council members of their town. Success stories are on the rise!


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