DJ Klever Show at 7th St. Entry (1st Ave. for the cool kids)


DJ Klever took over the 7th St. Entry on Tuesday night and Wes from Burlesque of North America was on hand to shoot photos of the evening.

An email had been circling through my network of hipster friends about a free Klever show at 7th St. hosted by Scion.  I decided to ensue with the adventure.  At first glance when Bouvet, 100% Cotton, and I arrived that the party, we thought it was going to suck.  It turns out, it was a blast.  Kill the Noise, DJ Haul, and Rob Wonder set the tone for Klever who created unique mixes and mashups.

The best part about the night was my journey to the restroom.  I asked a drunk girl dancing next to me where the bathroom was.  She drooled “Ohva thuuur” as she spilled half of her drink as she pointed a shaky finger in the direction of the corner behind the stage.  I went where Miss Lush pointed, behind the stage, and down a flight of dark stairs.  To my surprise I walked into a black basement room with a couple of couches, a few drunks smoking P-Funks, tagged walls, and DJ Klever.  I made myself at home, sat down and ensued in a in depth conversation about the global recession with a girl name Sarah.  After getting lost in train of thought I could care less about I realized that there was no bathroom and went back upstairs.

Jack Daniels is no longer my friend.

Bent Arm Shuffle straight out of Belize.

Bent Arm Shuffle straight out of Belize.

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