Columbia Shastalavista Womens Hiking Boots Review

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Hi, today I’m going to talk about the women’s Columbia Shastalaviata hiking shoes. This is a fantastic multi-sport shoe for women, and it’s really meant to do a lot of different things in the outdoors. One of the things that makes the shoe so great is this independent suspension in the outsole. No other brand is doing something like this, this is truly a Columbia innovation. What this is, is DPU, which stands for Durable Polyurethane. It’s a very flexible, pliable material that allows these zones here to move independently from each other. High traction rubber throughout, you can have great contact on all surfaces, no worries here as far as confidence. Moving into the midsole, we’re using a single density Techlite UVA, this is a great, well-cushioned foam that works fantastic in all conditions. Your feet are really going to appreciate the Techlite foam at the end of the day, it really works great. Moving into the upper: great thing about the women’s version, the forefoot is over lasting, so it’s a little bit more of a feminine look, it’s a little bit sleeker look, it just looks nicer on women. ¬†Got nice toe protection at the toe, good abrasion resistance materials in the heel. This is the Shastalaviasta, a fantastic shoe for your all-around outdoor purposes.


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