Columbia Shastalavista Men's Hiking Shoes Review

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Talking to you today about Shastalavista. This is a fantastic multi-sport shoe from Columbia. It’s meant to do everything. So, whether you’re hiking ot scrambling or mountain biking or bouldering over large rocks, this shoe is the one for you. The thing that makes the Shastalavista so unique from all other shoes on the marketplace is this X frame. We call this our independent suspension. This frame is actually made out of DPU which stands for durable, polyurethane. And what it’s going to allow is for these separate zones here to act independently from each other. The angles have constant ground traction at all times. The heel piece right here that’s separate from all the rest, this is going to allow you to just roll smoothly versus other shoes without that feature, it’s just a constant clunk. Moving on into our mid-foot, we’re using our tech light EDM mixed sole. What that’s going to give us, it’s got nice constant cushioning throughout. Getting into the upper, we’re using leathers, meshes. We have an Omni-Tech version, we have a non Omni-Tech. We have some really simple but iconic design language here that’s going to help and stabilize the shoe as you’re moving over dirt, rock terrain, whatever it may be. At the end of the day Shastalavista is a great shoe. It’s going to allow you to do pretty much anything that you want to do in the outdoors.


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